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Let’s learn the recipes of delicious cocktails to reproduce at home thanks to explanation sheets received during these workshops.

The Premium Pack

Bring out the mixologist inside you by making 3 cocktails yourself that you will taste after.
This interactive workshop will allow you to learn the right gestures to perfectly realize the cocktails at dinners with your friends. To complete this lovely moment, you will get small tapas to eat with your drinks.
• Group of maximum 10 people
• Length : 1h30

The Classic Workshop

This workshop will teach you how to prepare 3 cocktails. You will have the possibility to enjoy one of them and try the two other ones. Some of you will be able to take part to one or another steps of the process of making cocktails.
• Group between 5 and 15 people maximum
• Length : 1h

The Masterclass

Our professionnal mixologist will teach you the basic rules of the art of cocktails. He will pass you on his know-how and some interesting anecdotes about spirits. By attending to this masterclass, you will also have the opportunity to taste those delicious cocktails
• Group between 12 and 25 people maximum
• Length: 45min