« Environmental label »

GoodFood Label for our restaurant
since May 2023

Our restaurant is awarded “Good Food”, a label given by Brussels Environment who certified a local food, seasonal and respectful of the planet. The Vertigo team is dedicated to providing you with exceptional flavors and top-notch quality. Our entire approach is focused on being as environmentally friendly as we can be.

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« Commercial label »

Commercial label for Vertigo
since 2016

Brussels celebrates and supports every shop that brings happiness and enthusiasm into people’s lives. The Sablon, one of the most stunning neighbourhoods in the capital, sparkles day and night with its magnificent storefronts. And it is in this very place that the Vertigo takes place, captivating all those who are passionate and appreciative of life’s pleasures.

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« Label from you »

Thanks to all of you

Vertigo is immensely grateful to each and every customer for their invaluable feedback, as it enables us to bring about significant positive changes. Ensuring your comfort and providing a feeling of confidence in choosing us as the ideal destination for dining and socializing with friends and family is of utmost importance to us. Ultimately, we aim to create the most cherished and unforgettable memories for you.

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« Italian place »

Italian restaurant are always the best
since May 2023

Vertigo - Sluurpy

We are delighted to share that Sluurpy give us the quality label 2023. We are enthusiastically awaiting the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise in crafting delectable cocktails complemented by extraordinary cuisine. For a few months now we have an excellent new Chef, Carlo Lomgombardo who can make you the best italian plate you have ever savored.

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« Best restaurant in town »

Looking for the best place to eat & drink?
since 2024

Vertigo - Restaurant Guru

If you’re looking for the best place in town to eat & drink, you found the place. Thanks to Restaurant Guru you can find us everywhere.

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