Urbi de Groof

Since 1969

Urbi de Groof is one of our suppliers for various reasons. Their relentless hard work, combined with the unmatched quality of their meat and remarkable flexibility, were the decisive factors that led us to choose them. Over the years, this small, typical, and charming butcher shop has become an essential pillar of our supply.


Since 1983

We have opted for Seamar because of their excellent quality, fast service, commitment to product freshness, and the trust they inspire. These elements are essential to meet our seafood needs optimally.

Lobet Roussel

Since 2001

Why Lobet Roussel? Because of the extensive variety of their products, their ability to adapt to our diverse needs, their evident efficiency, and their constant friendliness. All these qualities perfectly match our expectations and requirements. Special mention to Alex, our dedicated delivery person: always smiling, attentive, and available!


Since 1989

We chose DRD because of their commitment to hygiene, fast delivery, ecological approach, professional expertise, commitment to safety, and strict adherence to HACCP standards. These are essential criteria to ensure cleanliness and safety at Vertigo.

LPH Consult (Pasta Mobile)

Since 2008

You probably know our famous ‘La Bolognese n’existe pas,’ delicious and appetizing, directly served in the pan… Well, it’s thanks to Pasta Mobile that we can offer you this exceptional and high-quality culinary experience.

Fine Bakery

Since 2020

Fine is one of our closest suppliers, located just one street away from Vertigo, which allows for great flexibility and versatility. Pierre and Victoire, the founders, pay attention to the quality of the raw materials and the precision in the preparation of their products. Their goal is to offer simple, authentic, and delicious products. Thanks to them, we always have fresh bread every day.


Since 1996

Tertholen is a family-run business with its own nursery. Selling and transporting fresh products are their watchwords, and it is thanks to them that we have a wide variety of high-quality fruits and vegetables. We particularly appreciate their fast and friendly service.

Phone number : 02 582 28 44

E-Mail : info@tertholen.be

Address : Zavelstraat 76,

1700 Dilbeek

Pernod Ricard

Since 1974

Pernod Ricard is a sponsor known for its conviviality, which reigns wherever it is present. It is at the heart of everything they do. Innovation is their motto, from product to perceived experience, while ensuring a sustainable future, respecting the environment, and fostering human relationships. It is for all these reasons that we have chosen Pernod Ricard.


Since 1964

HLS, a family business known for its friendly atmosphere, has built a reputation based on exceptional efficiency and a wide range of excellent products. It is for all these qualities that we have chosen them

Big Bag Delivery (Delivco)

Since 2011

With exceptional family-scale service, Big Bag stands out for its friendly approach and remarkable responsiveness, offering an unparalleled experience. It is thanks to them that you can enjoy wonderful cocktails in our beautiful courtyard.

Good Spirits (Gilles Sibret)

Since 2020

Gilles Sibret is one of our local suppliers, but above all, he is a friend. Always smiling, he is truly like a family member. Since the beginning of Vertigo, he has helped us move forward and create this beautiful restaurant that you enjoy coming to for a drink. Since then, he continues to surprise us with a multitude of delicious.

La Glacière

Since 1993

La Glacière, our ice supplier, is renowned for its exceptional efficiency and speed. They also offer a family atmosphere and remarkable flexibility in their service.

Laurent Perrier Champagne

Since 1998

This renowned champagne house, established for decades in the sparkling wine world, exudes luxury and elegance. They choose to vintage only the finest years in order to create rare and exceptional champagne. It is an unparalleled experience for champagne lovers, not to be missed – especially if you can enjoy it in the warm and cozy atmosphere of Vertigo.

Horeca Focus

Since 2016

With a human-scale approach and dedicated management, Horeca Focus stands out for its unwavering passion to provide efficient and personalized assistance to Horeca professionals in the field of social security.


Since 2023 (not sure)

A French house with an Italian heart. Popolo offers an Italian lifestyle that emanates through each piece of ceramic, a true work of artisanal art. These unique handcrafted products are living jewels, offering an explosion of colors and exceptional craftsmanship.

Verre et Couvert

Since 1978

Verre et Couvert is one of our Horeca equipment suppliers. Thanks to their attentive and responsive staff, we can receive our orders quickly. They offer a wide selection of products.

Atelier Larguier

Since 2022

Arnaud Larguier is one of the first. Vertigo wasn’t even born when he already met them. Thanks to Arnaud’s creativity and endless desire for innovation, we were able to have a unique and faithful decoration to the oldest inn in Brussels.

Phone number : +32 484 26 93 12

E-Mail : larguierarnaud@icloud.com

Address : Rue de Laeken 132,

1000 Brussels

Thierry Boutémy

Since 2010

Yes, you read that right. The famous Thierry Boutémy is the floral decorator of the interior of Vertigo. His magnificent floral compositions reveal the richness of colors and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Thanks to him, our restaurant is more lively and vibrant.

AB Inbev

Since 1988

They are the world’s leading brewers and want to build an environment where every moment can be celebrated, dream of making a meaningful impact, and share everyone’s experiences. They share their love for beer all over the world. AB Inbev is our main beer supplier. We chose the best, quality, and excellent service.

Fugu Brewing

Since 2021

A few friends, a few beers, and a little music, that’s the perfect combo for Nico & Sam. During the lockdown, they accomplished many things, including developing different beer recipes. They would meet every weekend to amateurishly brew in their small 20L tank, and that’s how a competition propelled them to the top, with the goal of brewing the Delta IPA. After that, the idea was born and it was able to expand to reach Vertigo thanks to Fugushima.

Janine (bakery brewery)

Since 2020

A bakery that brews beers. Janine is all about transformation. Why look for a product elsewhere when it is right in front of our eyes? Janine aims to reintroduce the residues from each activity into its production cycle in order to achieve zero waste. As she likes to say, “She breaks the crust during the day and pours the foam at night, always in a spirit of togetherness.” It is for this spirit that Vertigo chose Janine, and you can experience it through Wai Iti Bob and Volva Kviek.

AM controle

Since 2022

We strive to maintain impeccable cleanliness at Vertigo. That’s why it is necessary to rely on services like AM Controle. Their pest control service ensures hygiene and safety, creating a healthy and protected environment.


Since 2016

In an Horeca establishment, managing schedules and shifts for each staff member can sometimes be complex. That’s why we have implemented Aapi, our talented scheduler, operating within Vertigo. Aapi allows us to create personalized schedules for each employee, manage salary-related aspects, and simplify interactions with the social secretariat.


Since 2015

Our food and beverage management platform, Growzer, encompasses various features including order taking, inventory management, cost tracking, and more, making our daily operations easier. It allows us to optimize efficiency and speed up our daily management.


Since 2011

Our supplier of fruits juices from around the world, rooted in a culture of quality, offers a wide diversity of flavors that captivate with their freshness. Their impeccable service is filled with a warm family atmosphere.


Since 2015

Javry is our supplier of ethically and environmentally responsible quality coffee. It offers various options, including direct importation and artisanal roasting, all while remaining affordable. The company is committed to promoting respect for the planet.